Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi said that African ministers have lately expressed an increased interest in nuclear energy. According to him, African countries intend to use it for peaceful purposes, to launch a nuclear power plant and connect to the power grid.

“Almost every week during a meeting with the minister of an African country, I hear from him that his country also needs nuclear energy. Especially important for them are small modular reactors and those that are able to connect to small-scale power grids,” said Mr. Grossi during the UN conference on climate change. The IAEA director emphasized that a global trend towards nuclear energy is being recorded in the world, including in developed countries.

“Even Poland, the only country in Eastern Europe without nuclear power sources, announced the launch of a powerful ambitious project together with the United States … South Africa announced that the nuclear power plant program is ongoing and will be expanded, India is building eight reactors, not to mention China – it is building 18 reactors ”, said Mr. Grossi.

Currently, the IAEA is also participating in negotiations with Iran on the extension of the “nuclear deal”, which involves establishing control over the republic’s nuclear facilities and its achievements in the field of nuclear weapons. Yesterday, on November 10, Mr. Grossi declared that the negotiation process was fruitless.