Whistleblower and former member of the management team of the Tricastin nuclear power plant, Hugo calls in a forum in the “World” for the urgency of a “transparent dialogue” to build together a plan to strengthen safety. nuclear energy in France, at a time when “our country’s energy situation has never been so critical”.

The energy crisis situation that we are experiencing in France and in Europe is such that historic competitors such as EDF, ENGIE and TOTAL are launching a joint appeal, with my CEO, Jean-Bernard Lévy, to ask for a reduction in our consumption. They also want a “transparent dialogue”… It is in this spirit of transparency, and as an expert in nuclear safety and operation, that I have decided to write.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced on February 10, 2022, in Belfort, the construction of six new EPR2 reactors and the launch of a study for the construction of eight additional EPR2s, in parallel with the extension of the service life. power plants beyond fifty years.

The nuclear fleet is aging, the first reactors have already undergone their 4th ten-year inspection, including Tricastin, the plant where I worked as head of the department in charge of operating the four reactors, with 400 employees under my responsibility. Other reactors will soon reach the end of their service life, initially planned for 40 years.

The question is no longer for or against nuclear

The lack of anticipation in the development of other low-carbon energies and in the replacement of the existing nuclear fleet, the loss of skills in certain areas of nuclear power, of which the delay in the construction of the EPR is a sad example, as well as the problems of corrosion on the pipes of the primary circuit, forcing the shutdown of more than ten reactors, means that the energy situation in our country has never been so critical.