The online registration is available here.

Any sponsorship will be properly acknowledged in the conference materials and/or during the respective activity. The list of the sponsors will be also presented in this website.
   Until 7 July 2019
From 8 July until 16 August 2019
17 August 2019 and later
 Sponsors and Exhibitors4 1 000 EUR
 1 800 EUR
 2 100 EUR
4 6 m2 exhibition space (one table, 2 chairs), payment of full conference registration ("Participants") fee for every person is requested

Other possibilities of company promotion/presentation
 Company oral presentation, 15 minutes
 450 EUR 
 Company oral presentation, 5 minutes
 300 EUR 
 Advertisement in the Book of Proceedings, one page (A4, color)
 160 EUR 
 Advertisement in the Book of Abstracts, one page (A4)
 30 EUR 
 Insert in the conference bag
 400 EUR 
Leaflets, brochures and other promotional materials shall be delivered to the Conference Secretariat address until 30 August 2019.

Payments must be received through bank transfer by the corresponding deadlines, otherwise the subsequent rate will be automatically applied.